Designing systemic change takes a lot of thinking

Designing systemic change takes a lot of thinking

Our vision

Our vision for the future is a circular economy that designs waste out of picture, keeps resources local, and cultivates resilient communities. Our innovations give consumers and businesses alternatives they can use now. We solve problems at a systems level by demonstrating what is possible when we combine innovation, technology, and existing infrastructure. We advocate and build awareness to help shift attitudes and behaviors. And we lead bold, evidence-based policy changes that support a trash-free future. We believe non-profit organizations play an important role in demonstrating possibility and leading the way to scaling ideas that are good for people, economy, and planet.

What’s next?

DESIGNING SYSTEMIC CHANGE. Don’t Waste Durham focuses on systems-level innovations that support shifting our society to more mainstream use of reusable packaging. One such project is an August - December 2019 pilot in the City of Durham's Innovate Durham program. Our ambitious idea was selected for this partnership with the City/County to pilot an innovation at the municipal level. We are testing Don't Waste Durham's hypothesis: Is it feasible to adapt the City of Durham's existing recycling infrastructure (curbside carts, trucks, routes, facility) – and combine it with IoT technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence – to recover, sort, wash/sanitize, and then re-deliver REUSABLE containers to local vendors to be used again and again? In other words, can we help shift the recycling industry to support reusables? We have for many years believed that reusables will become a municipal utility, and now we have the opportunity and authority to try.

CITY-SCALE SOLUTIONS FOR A CIRCULAR DURHAM. In addition to our GreenToGo reusable takeout container service, stay tuned in for Durham’s Boomerang Bag program. Boomerang Bag breaks down a known behavior change barrier around single-use bags and uses existing local resources. Coming soon!