We make change by:

1. Providing trash-free solutions to consumers and businesses NOW.

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GreenToGo’s reusable takeout container service takes the trash out of takeout at restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores city-wide. Our circular system eliminates the waste generated by single-use takeout containers. We provide full-cycle service of pickup, wash, delivery – and highly durable containers that can be returned, sanitized, and reused over and over again. Each GreenToGo container can replace up to 1,000 single-use takeout containers and prevent them from clogging stormwater and piling up in landfills. 56 uses of our takeout containers offsets the same amount of carbon emissions as an acre of forest for a year.

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2. Reducing Waste in Durham schools


We work together with parents, teachers, school administrators, students, local businesses, and community members to adapt and replicate successful lunchroom composting programs in Durham Public Schools, implement the evidence-based practice of food sharing tables, and more. We do this through community engagement and the power of people who care!

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3. Enacting local policy change that supports trash prevention

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Don’t Waste Durham’s proposed ordinance for a fee on single-use bags passed the Environmental Affairs Board for the City/County! We are watching closely as this ordinance takes the next steps on its journey toward becoming a law. This represents a big success for us after 7.5 years of effort on local legislation. We are the grateful clients of the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic. Visit our Press page to see the news about the bag fee.

4. Leading the Circular Durham initiative

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Don't Waste Durham is a circular economy thought leader. In partnership with local experts and groups, we are taking the lead on strategies to move City of Durham toward a circular economy. This includes organizing a study tour for local deciders, research and rollout design, and a 2020 conference in Durham. Visit Circular Charlotte to get a sense of our equivalent Durham initiative, and this learning resource for circular economy beginners.

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5. Making sustainable alternatives accessible with community buying power

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